Thursday, October 9, 2008

Acorns...gotta love'um!

so i have this "thing"...or should i say addiction to acorns. i don't think my family is planning an intervention at least not now that i am aware of. gosh darn it, they are just sooo cute! i missed harvest here and super bummed about that. it's always a fun time getting all the family out for a nice day outside enjoying the first signs of fall. last year we harvested the most gorgeously perfect acorns and soo many darn cute baby ones. (those baby ones led to the 'pet acorn in my pocket' design)

with no acorns for any of my projects i had to begin the internet search for acorns. i am telling all you entrepreneurs out there....SELL ACORNS. i could only find one site to buy them from. i found a terrific gal in Wisconsin that sent me a nice sized ziploc bag full for $5. i was HAPPY!!!
are you looking for acorns too??? acorns by the pound helped me out! YEAH! thank you Stacey!!!! (for some reason I can't seem to get this link to work) check my rotating list of goodness!
so this years acorn design was a little more hip and a little less cutesy but still great none the less. gotta get a pick of a bowl full!

i wish you many happy moments with acorns! okay, did that sound disturbing???


Alicia said...

I'll be on the lookout for acorns for you, Erin! :)

erin said...

thanks Alicia!! i promise fresh designs! and free gift! :)

Aura said...

Found you on Etsy and I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's full of inspiration, for sure...

I recently opened my shop and I'm enjoying the social part of it too. You meet so many nice people who love to craft and also who appreciated the time we put in creating unique one of a kind items.

There are lots of acorns here in Charlotte, NC.

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