Friday, February 20, 2009

Say "THANK YOU"....

This is a salute to all those incredibly courageous and giving soldiers out there that give their freedom so others can have theirs!

Sometime ago I started "Thanking" any person that I saw in a military uniform. If I'm shopping, pull up to a red light, pretty much anywhere. I stop them and say, "Thank you" they really act surprised, and sometimes embarassed.

It really is the least I can do. I am proud to say I have several family members that have been Fulltime and Reserve US Military. They served their country proud, and I am proud of them.
I thought I'd share a couple pictures of a sew sew suck ur toe gnome that made it's way to Kirkuk, Iraq. This soldiers daughter bought this gnome from me to go in a box that was being sent to her Dad for Christmas.
I hope he brightens this soldier's day, and puts a smile on many more. I would like to say "THANK YOU". May God bless you and always keep you safe and quickly bring you home.

First pic is in the "sand pit" self explanatory, and breakfast in Kirkuk doesn't look too bad!

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