Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back to where it all began....

it was almost a year ago now that i hit the ground hard to put my sewing designs into product (hence the formal launch of sew sew suck ur toe.etsy)....i've had design ideas floating around in my head for years...finally...YES! FINALLY! i am actually making the product. i opened my sewing store for a few months with just a couple of products...really trying to get my feet wet and establish my design style. now, i revisit an old design favorite in fall colors...."eye am happy" bag. this design was one of my firsts. i like it...i hope you do too!

let's digress just a bit...

i think i missed my real calling...i should have been on some Manhattan project "design think tank group" or some crazy group of people that they put in a cave underground somewhere in a dark room with one lone light bulb overhead tied to a chair and forced to develop a new design everyday or face true creative ruin. i think i could have thrived in that environment.... and used my "genius mind" to pull all the creative inmates together and somehow overtake the place. ha! where do i come up with this you ask??? i think my mom was anal probed by aliens while being pregnant with me and it somehow distorted my mind. possible??? not probable though. i'll blame it on too much polyester clothing in the 70's.

does this digression...show my "inner happiness" you ask??? maybe not, so i shall bring it about by canvasing the world with my "eye am happy" design!


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Hello Sweet Friend...

B00.... you have just been B00-ed come on by my place and pick up your sticker... and join in on the fun. :)

erin said...

i'll be right over! :)

sew sew suck ur toe


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